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Inevitable Street Fighter Love in; SFIV Impressions

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The devil, they say, is in the details. Seeing how videogames have evolved so far, and how they remain in our collective consciousness, I’m intrigued as to whether the youth of today will remember the Halo theme, or be able to remember how to build a fancy Little Big Planet robot twenty years from now, in the same way those of us who grew up with games in the eighties and nineties can still remember the warp locations in Super Mario, or the intro jingle to Pac Man.

Or a simple quarter circle towards and punch. A player’s first triumphant Hadoken using Ryu (a name we’d all butcher at the time, much as we would with Raiden in Mortal Kombat, or with game names like Ninja Gaiden, making it seem like quite the fruity hangout) is a great gaming moment that stays in the memory for good. Especially for me, as it was one of the easier moves to pull off in the Amiga version I had, which took the arcade game, squished it into letterbox format, made it move l-i-k-e t-h-i-s and crammed the six button moveset onto a one button joystick- a task made all the taller by the developers having to go down the local arcade and take notes to develop the game since US Gold were given no technical support from Capcom. No wonder the Amiga version was dire. Continue reading


Sony Tiger Uppercut Microsoft in Street Fighter

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This year at CGS, Professor PlayStation’s team of PS3 Pirates delivered a crushing blow to Major Nelson’s Xbox ninjas in a no hold barred, take no prisoner match of Street Fighter.

Joe C, representing Team Playstation, delivered the final uppercut with Sagat to Major Nelson’s representative, Josh who was fighting for the green army using E. Honda.

After a gruesome tournament pitting 64 fighters, Joe C. was not awarded with a shiny new copy of Street Fighter 4, neither with special artwork or merchandise from Capcom, even less a date with Kristin Kreuk.

Instead, Joe C. was awarded a limited edition Star Wars Battlefront PSP bundle….