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Trash Panic (Japan Title: Gomibako) [PS3] Review

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I, the understand, do solemnly swear on pain of death by robotic rottweiler mauling, that the following review shall contain no poor rubbish based puns, including, but not limited to ‘Gomibako is (not) rubbish’ ‘Gomibako should (not) be consigned to the rubbish bin’ and ‘ Gomibako is (no) more than a collection of puzzle game mechanics recycled from other successful titles.’


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Space Invaders Infinity Gene [iPhone] Review

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Boot up Space Invaders Infinity Gene for the first time, and you’re welcomed by the attract screen from the 1978 original Space Invaders. A tap of the screen and a brief load later, and you’re playing, well, Space Invaders,or a variant with no shields, at least, with tiny black and white graphics that would make an Atari 2600 blush. Fortunately, ten seconds in, and just as you start to believe you’ve been had for 600 Yen for a sub par thirty year old arcade conversion, the game flashes in colour and clean, sharp lines. A famous Darwin quote from the ‘Origin of Species’ appears, and things kick off for real. For the first time, Infinity Gene has changed the rules of the game. It will do it a lot more, and there’s rarely, if ever a time when said change isn’t refreshing and welcome.

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Miami Law (Japan title:Miami Crisis)[DS] Review

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First of all, you can’t beat the title. Or the concept. A game called Miami Law (or Miami Crisiswhen it gets released here next month) about Cuban drug deals, terrorist conspiracies and undercover police work, wherein a gun ho misogynistic male cop is forced to work with a female FBI detective who has to do everything by the book and learns a little about himself in the process (natch). It could be the elevator pitch for any number of 80s movies or TV shows. Especially ‘Miami Vice’. Or, umm, ‘Martial Law’

Sammo was shocked at the sort of things you can get on the internet these days

Sammo was shocked at the sort of things you can get on the internet these days

Unfortunately, the opportunity to be a slightly tongue in cheek 80s parody in a Vice Citymould, or to be about a fat kung fu detective in a channel 5 mid afternoon drama series is passed up by Miami Law, which takes itself all too seriously from the moment you put the game in. Start the game up, and it begins to aspire to more gritty crime dramas. Like ‘CSI: Miami’, perhaps, if it were written by a team of monkeys locked in a room with typewriters.

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Re-Thought: Dynamite Deka

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There are a couple of interesting problems that come up when writing  reviews of older games. Firstly, it makes the whole blog seem like a retro blog which Gaijingamers isn’t. Certainly this writer is pushing out retrospectives because 99 percent of Japanese developer output in 2009 is arguably even more generic rubbish than western games (prove me wrong, Japanese devs! Or just hurry up and release Dead Rising 2). Secondly there’s the nostalgia factor getting in the way of everything. Rose tinted specs often disguise the fact that the game you’re eulogising is in fact A Bit Crap, and really hasn’t aged well at all.

There are an elite few games that actually get better with age, and Dynamite Deka is one of them.

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Famitsu Hall of Fame 2008

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Famitsu’s hall of fame for 2008 has been released.

Xbox360 has received the highest quality percentage of 55.9%. 38 quality games out of 68 reviews. Playstation 3 is in second place with a 53.5% quality rating.

2008 was an excellent year for software. We can only hope that 2009 can exceed it.

DS had the lowest rating of 29.3%, however the amount of quality titles is highest on this system. The system with the least amount of quality software was Playstation 2.