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The Island of Lost Games No.3: 3DO

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Well, this should be a laugh, right? The 3DO is perhaps the easiest videogame system of all time to mercilessly criticise, a system that failed on nearly every front from hardware specs and software lineup, to pricing and management.Or did it?

There’s lots for the critics to find fault and poke fun at. First of all there’s the man behind the 3DO, Trip Hawkins, a guy who nearly put the game software industry’s 300 tonne gorilla in Electronic Arts, out of business by delaying the company’s involvement in console development on the grounds that he infamously felt they would be a passing fad. Not only that, but his company would create the Army Men franchise, a collection of some of the very worst games in history that only ended when banned by a UN resolution. Something about cruel and unusual torture. Probably.

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Best Game of all time announced; other developers give up to save effort, money

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Those who share my affinity with wrestling games, and quite a few who don’t should be very excited by this:

The Fire Pro Club is reporting that to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Fire Pro Wrestling (the best series of wrestling games in the history of all things ever), two new games are being entered into the canon. Fire Pro Wrestling Anniversary Collection will pack in ten games from the PC Engine titles up to Super Fire Pro 3 (meh), to Fire Pro X and Fire Pro X Premium(worth the asking price by far) as well as a specially reduxed version of Blazing Tornado (read Fire Pro Arcade) alongside some new video content.

The big deal, though, is Fire Pro HD, which will feature a rebuilt game engine, and online play.

The Collection will be available on Wii later this year, and HD will be on XBLA and PSN on September 9th. We at Gaijingamers compel you to stockpile PSN moneys and MSPoints now, lest by September your credit card details get lost or stolen or something, and at the same time a bizarre mix-up leads to a worldwide shortage of the prepaid cards.

EDIT- Aanndd it was all an elaborate early April fool, apparently. One we here were certainly in on from the start. We’re obviously too smart to be taken in by internet ruses. What?

The Island of Lost Games No.2: プロレス Edition

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I love pro wrestling. Morality plays involving people pretending to beat each other up in ever more dangerous ways has been a passion of mine for quite a while.


Before, dear reader, you skip this retrospective on wrestling games written by someone with perhaps an unhealthy passion for oiled men in spandex, bear in mind that the recent histories of wrestling and of videogames aren’t dissimilar. Both appeal to similar target audiences in mainly 15-30 males, both caught fire in terms of popularity in the mid 80’s (Rock ‘n’ Wrestling and the Famicom era, respectively) and the late 90’s (Attitude and Playstation) and it has been argued that both have been putting spectacle before substance of late. Stick around, you may learn something. Continue reading

The Good, The Bad and The… は?!Saturn Edition (2/2)

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After looking at the system itself, as well as the pick of its software crop over the last couple of weeks, it’s time to bring Gaijin Gamer’s look at the Sega Saturn to an end. Last being least, what we have here are some of the stranger titles on the console, but first, the worst..


NFL Quarterback Club ’96 (and various other mid 90s sports games) (Acclaim [1995] availability: fairly common Price: around 50 Yen)

As has previously been noted, it was difficult for third party content providers to get a foothold on the Saturn platform. Dismal management and communication from Sega in the west and a notoriously hard system to develop for gave many software houses a hard time. Still, some softcos believed that Sega’s name power would ensure the Saturn victory in the console war. Among them was Iguana, with their owners, Acclaim, being famed at the time for farming out their franchises to as many different platforms as possible. While Iguana would become famous for producing technical marvels on the N64, this Saturn effort is nothing approaching marvellous.

With the dawn of the 32 bit generation came a trend for sports games to have 3D graphics. It seems however, that Iguana didn’t have a functional 3D engine working at the time of QBC’s release, which lead to the halfway house option of garish 2D sprites on a 3D plane, the end result looking somewhat like Madden meets the Atari 2600.

Graphics that were a long way short of the ‘next gen’ (at the time) mark weren’t the only problems. Perhaps it’s just my ineptness but the perspective makes passing plays next to impossible, even on the easiest setting. Also, it seems the game is intent on doing prodigious amounts of shouting at you, the player, it’s CD audio being used for referees yelling ‘PENALTY’ and quarterbacks saying the same sequence of numbers and ‘hut hut’ that they had in games for years, but, LOUDER. MUCH LOUDER. Even the menus shouted so loudly the main menu only has room for two options- SIMULATE and PLAY- in giant 80 point text.

The quarterback instructed his team mates not to turn sideways lest he be unable to see them to pass the ball.

The quarterback instructed his team mates not to turn sideways lest he be unable to see them to pass the ball.


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The Good, The Bad and The…は?Saturn Edition (1/2)

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Last week, I offered a brief retrospective on the Sega Saturn.  A much maligned bit of hardware, it nevertheless had its fair share of great games. It’s these we look at today, alongside what not to get and what will leave you scratching your head in mild confusion (or appreciation at unexpected innovations).

A tough category to pick out only a small handful of titles. The Saturn is most famous for 2D shmups and beat em ups, but there are notable inclusions in other genres too.  Affordability is an important factor here, so Radiant Silvergun and Panzer Dragoon Saga, which both sell at over 20,000 Yen, can be covered by more hardcore collectors. 

Did you know, its not actually made of silver? Traders and shops dont, given the price.
Did you know, it’s not actually made of silver? Traders and shops don’t, given the price.

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The Island of Lost Games No.1- Sega Saturn

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Once upon a time, Sega released a console that didn’t really catch on at retail thanks to more powerful opposition, and was hamstrung by poor promotion and management choices. The machine, however, would have the most rabid fans of any games console, rallying to its defense at any opportunity and championing its catalogue of underrated titles.

That console was the Dreamcast, and won’t be covered today.  The Saturn, however, is something I consider more deserving of  ‘championing the underdogs’ status. Continue reading