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Trash Panic (Japan Title: Gomibako) [PS3] Review

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I, the understand, do solemnly swear on pain of death by robotic rottweiler mauling, that the following review shall contain no poor rubbish based puns, including, but not limited to ‘Gomibako is (not) rubbish’ ‘Gomibako should (not) be consigned to the rubbish bin’ and ‘ Gomibako is (no) more than a collection of puzzle game mechanics recycled from other successful titles.’


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Best Game of all time announced; other developers give up to save effort, money

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Those who share my affinity with wrestling games, and quite a few who don’t should be very excited by this:

The Fire Pro Club is reporting that to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Fire Pro Wrestling (the best series of wrestling games in the history of all things ever), two new games are being entered into the canon. Fire Pro Wrestling Anniversary Collection will pack in ten games from the PC Engine titles up to Super Fire Pro 3 (meh), to Fire Pro X and Fire Pro X Premium(worth the asking price by far) as well as a specially reduxed version of Blazing Tornado (read Fire Pro Arcade) alongside some new video content.

The big deal, though, is Fire Pro HD, which will feature a rebuilt game engine, and online play.

The Collection will be available on Wii later this year, and HD will be on XBLA and PSN on September 9th. We at Gaijingamers compel you to stockpile PSN moneys and MSPoints now, lest by September your credit card details get lost or stolen or something, and at the same time a bizarre mix-up leads to a worldwide shortage of the prepaid cards.

EDIT- Aanndd it was all an elaborate early April fool, apparently. One we here were certainly in on from the start. We’re obviously too smart to be taken in by internet ruses. What?

Noby Noby Boy Review

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One of the reasons I’ve been playing a lot of older games of late is that right now we’re in that late winter/ early spring dearth of originality in gaming. After the novelty of Little Big Planet wore off, and all the games of last Christmas were played through, we’ve been left now with Capcom’s big sequels in SF4 and Biohazard 5 alongside the usual muddy brown and grey shooters from the west and music games involving “producing” young girls and paying through the nose for DLC from Japan. (sorry Atalantegg).  The last couple of weeks however have seen a couple of unique titles being released on PSN at the low low price of 800 Yen, in Flower and now this.

Noby Noby Boy is the work of Keita Takahashi, he of Katamari Damacy fame. If you’ve not played Katamari Damacy, go out and get it right now. It’s all right, I’ll wait. Continue reading

Flowery Review

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OK, first things first. The decision to rename Flower as Flowery here in Japan is the most ridiculous piece of unnecessary ‘localisation’ known to man. The extra syllable can’t make the title any easier to say, and it’s difficult to think of any reason why SCEJ thought a game called ‘flowery’ would sell better than ‘flower’. To me ‘flower like’ seems like an nonsensical adjective as well, so when approaching this game I was thinking less about electronic entertainment and more about bread products. But I digress.

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