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Post E3 2009- Japanese devs strike back?

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The geographical centre of the games industry has shifted. Milking the cash cow PS2’s huge installed base created for too long has lead most Japanese developers to fall behind the times, and the pinnacles of modern game design are coming from the West, with the Japanese gaming industry in big trouble.

That was the consensus coming out of TGS 2008 and yet now, shortly after the games industry’s Great American Bash that was E3, it seems like some focus is coming back East. Or is it? Or IS it? Let’s take a look.

First and third party Japanese developers have been crucial to the success of almost every format from the mid 1980s on. There were great games which shifted systems and had tremendous cultural influence worldwide. Super Mario Bros. not only shifted Famicoms in Japan and affected Japanese lives to the extent that the term ‘B-Dash'(hurry!) is immortalised in katakana English that’s still being used today; it also shook the foundations of pop culture in the West. Suddenly Mario was a more recognisable face to children in America than Mickey Mouse. Sega’s Sonicin 1991 had similar importance, capturing a slightly older audience. In the Playstation era, Final Fantasy VIIand Metal Gear Solid joined the likes of the N64’s Ocarina of Time to be internationally hailed as some of the greatest games of their generation, if not of all time.

From Mario to MGS and Zelda OOT- Japanese games matured with their key audience over twenty years, but recent attempts to recapture the young have lost some of what was the core market

From Mario to MGS and Zelda OOT- Japanese games matured with their key audience over twenty years, but recent attempts to recapture the young have lost some of what was the core market

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Japan’s Top 100 Sellers Revealed

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Konami’s long-awaited Metal Gear 4 title had amassed sales of 686,254 last year; 476,334 in its first week alone. The game is cited as the PS3’s top seller as part of a wider list of the 100 top-selling games of last year.

Sadly to fans and perhaps a sign of how the industry has changed, Metal Gear Solid 4 ranks in at eleventh. Ahead of it are nine games for Nintendo consoles, with Wii Sports (non bundled in Japan) sitting in tenth, Animal Crossing City Folk in eighth, Rhythm Tengoku Gold in six, and Mario Kart Wii in fourth.

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Microsoft Fires

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Goddamn recession. Microsoft says politely goodbye to about 30% of their permanent testers along with the team in charge of “Flight Simulation”.

Slow down in PC sales seems to be the guilty here, but who knows when will this hit the Xbox too… So do us a favor, and go buy more !

Sony: PS3 higher price outweighed by value

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Shortly before CES, Sony sent out a press release breaking down the cost and features of the current gen consoles. Sony make the claim that the 360’s cheaper price-point is nullified by its lack of included features; by the time you’ve made your 360 comparable to the PS3, you’ll actually end up spending MORE than you would have on a PS3.

The price/feature break-down, illustrated by the above chart, points out the in addition to the 360 Arcade’s $199 initial price, you would spend another $250 adding wi-fi, a hard disk, and a year of online play. That’s a final total of $450 — and that’s $50 more than the 80GB PS3. And if that weren’t enough, that doesn’t even include the renewal fees for Live over the years, or the 360’s lack of Blu-ray player and HDMI output in the earlier versions of their console.
It may seem like a direct dig at the Microsoft camp, but you can hardly blame Sony — they get raked over their higher price-point, and you can imagine their frustration if this is how they think of value. Personally I’ve made similar arguments myself, even down to niggling points about how you have to pay even more money for a charger pack for the 360.
They probably couldn’t turn this into a full-force media blitz, but the boys over at PS3 Fanboy make a good point — Sony could probably make a big splash if they posted this chart in video game stores. What do you guys think?

Sony Tiger Uppercut Microsoft in Street Fighter

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This year at CGS, Professor PlayStation’s team of PS3 Pirates delivered a crushing blow to Major Nelson’s Xbox ninjas in a no hold barred, take no prisoner match of Street Fighter.

Joe C, representing Team Playstation, delivered the final uppercut with Sagat to Major Nelson’s representative, Josh who was fighting for the green army using E. Honda.

After a gruesome tournament pitting 64 fighters, Joe C. was not awarded with a shiny new copy of Street Fighter 4, neither with special artwork or merchandise from Capcom, even less a date with Kristin Kreuk.

Instead, Joe C. was awarded a limited edition Star Wars Battlefront PSP bundle….

Microsoft doesn’t want to overhype 2009

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Microsoft Aaron Greenberg is happy about 2008.

In recent interview with G4TV, Greenberg ranted about all the triple A titles Micrsoft released last year for Xbox 360 and how these titles went on to become top sales for the green machine in 2008.

So, what are the titles? You don` need to be a rocket scientist to figure out Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty: Worlds at War and Gears of War 2 were top sellers in 2008.

What else did he say? Xbox 360 has 1 million unit lead over PS3 in Europe, Xbox 360 can coexist in the same universe with Wii without an atom explosion and Sony is destined to reduce the price of the PS3 sooner than later if they wish to remain in the game.

What about 2009 lineup? Nothing new besides the announcement of Halo Wars and Halo 3 :ODST.

To paraphrase Greenberg here: “Microsoft will announce whatever they have for this year when those games are ready to launch”