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Want Cheap Video Games? Korea got you cover

Posted in Gaming Rant, News, Odd/Strange, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 with tags , on July 6, 2009 by Stephen

Ever wondered how is the video game market in other places beside  US, Japan or European countries? What about Korea?  We know they have TV shows dedicated to Starcraft but what about Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii?.

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Miami Law (Japan title:Miami Crisis)[DS] Review

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First of all, you can’t beat the title. Or the concept. A game called Miami Law (or Miami Crisiswhen it gets released here next month) about Cuban drug deals, terrorist conspiracies and undercover police work, wherein a gun ho misogynistic male cop is forced to work with a female FBI detective who has to do everything by the book and learns a little about himself in the process (natch). It could be the elevator pitch for any number of 80s movies or TV shows. Especially ‘Miami Vice’. Or, umm, ‘Martial Law’

Sammo was shocked at the sort of things you can get on the internet these days

Sammo was shocked at the sort of things you can get on the internet these days

Unfortunately, the opportunity to be a slightly tongue in cheek 80s parody in a Vice Citymould, or to be about a fat kung fu detective in a channel 5 mid afternoon drama series is passed up by Miami Law, which takes itself all too seriously from the moment you put the game in. Start the game up, and it begins to aspire to more gritty crime dramas. Like ‘CSI: Miami’, perhaps, if it were written by a team of monkeys locked in a room with typewriters.

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Post E3 2009- Japanese devs strike back?

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The geographical centre of the games industry has shifted. Milking the cash cow PS2’s huge installed base created for too long has lead most Japanese developers to fall behind the times, and the pinnacles of modern game design are coming from the West, with the Japanese gaming industry in big trouble.

That was the consensus coming out of TGS 2008 and yet now, shortly after the games industry’s Great American Bash that was E3, it seems like some focus is coming back East. Or is it? Or IS it? Let’s take a look.

First and third party Japanese developers have been crucial to the success of almost every format from the mid 1980s on. There were great games which shifted systems and had tremendous cultural influence worldwide. Super Mario Bros. not only shifted Famicoms in Japan and affected Japanese lives to the extent that the term ‘B-Dash'(hurry!) is immortalised in katakana English that’s still being used today; it also shook the foundations of pop culture in the West. Suddenly Mario was a more recognisable face to children in America than Mickey Mouse. Sega’s Sonicin 1991 had similar importance, capturing a slightly older audience. In the Playstation era, Final Fantasy VIIand Metal Gear Solid joined the likes of the N64’s Ocarina of Time to be internationally hailed as some of the greatest games of their generation, if not of all time.

From Mario to MGS and Zelda OOT- Japanese games matured with their key audience over twenty years, but recent attempts to recapture the young have lost some of what was the core market

From Mario to MGS and Zelda OOT- Japanese games matured with their key audience over twenty years, but recent attempts to recapture the young have lost some of what was the core market

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Rittai Picross Review

Posted in Nintendo, Nintendo DS on April 20, 2009 by reasonjp

Of all the systems in my possession, I have the most bizarre relationship with my DS. The PS3 gets turned on nearly every day, even if it’s not to play games- my laptop gave up the ghost recently and this here post is brought to you by Sony’s not-quite-as-shite-as-it-was-before-but-still-pretty-unfriendly web browser. The 360 gets a lot of use. I have retro machines which get an airing every so often if I’m in a retro buying frenzy or want to write about them (eyes peeled for a fun history of the 3DO, by the way), and I have my PSP, which sits in its stupid sock gathering dust because I can’t sell it since it’s slightly broken and I can’t will myself to touch it; so it will remain in its daft sock forever (unless the PSP Rock Band turns out to be an amazing Frequency esque romp).

The DS though, is a strange beast. Mostly it just sits around blending in, not being touched for months at a time until a couple of games catch my eye and get played religiously to the detriment of personal hygiene, social interaction and everything else. There are currently two reasons why I’m writing this naked, hungry, friendless, sat on the toilet and running my equipment off a personal generator because I forgot to pay the electricity bill. One, obviously, is Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars, and the other is this.

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New Silent Hill: Shattered Memories details

Posted in Gaming Rant, News, Nintendo, Wii with tags , , , on April 11, 2009 by Stephen

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is an upcoming video game in the Silent Hill series. The game is a re-imagining of the original 1999 Silent Hill game.

The game will follow a similar plot to the original with the protagonist Harry Mason searching for his daughter, Cheryl in the mysterious town of Silent Hill, following her disappearance after a car accident. Although the plot will be similar to the original various events will change depending on the player’s behavior, choices and actions. Continue reading

Best Game of all time announced; other developers give up to save effort, money

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Those who share my affinity with wrestling games, and quite a few who don’t should be very excited by this:

The Fire Pro Club is reporting that to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Fire Pro Wrestling (the best series of wrestling games in the history of all things ever), two new games are being entered into the canon. Fire Pro Wrestling Anniversary Collection will pack in ten games from the PC Engine titles up to Super Fire Pro 3 (meh), to Fire Pro X and Fire Pro X Premium(worth the asking price by far) as well as a specially reduxed version of Blazing Tornado (read Fire Pro Arcade) alongside some new video content.

The big deal, though, is Fire Pro HD, which will feature a rebuilt game engine, and online play.

The Collection will be available on Wii later this year, and HD will be on XBLA and PSN on September 9th. We at Gaijingamers compel you to stockpile PSN moneys and MSPoints now, lest by September your credit card details get lost or stolen or something, and at the same time a bizarre mix-up leads to a worldwide shortage of the prepaid cards.

EDIT- Aanndd it was all an elaborate early April fool, apparently. One we here were certainly in on from the start. We’re obviously too smart to be taken in by internet ruses. What?

Nintendo wants you to play DS games…Legally.

Posted in Japan, News, Nintendo, Nintendo DS on February 22, 2009 by Stephen

Piracy has always been a big issue for Nintendo DS developers. Since the arrival of flash cards into the market, its now pretty easy for “Fans” to get copies of their favorite games days and even weeks ahead of the release schedule.

This has not come unnoticed by certain developers like Square Enix. Back in 2007, the Japanese RPG powerhouse released Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. Hackers needed just a few hours to crack the original game and make it available via different torrent sites but after play the game for 20 minutes or so: the message “Thank you for playing!!” appears on the screen and players are unable to progress. However, they can restart from the last check point but the message will appear again, at random intervals. Continue reading