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The Good, The Bad and The…は?Saturn Edition (1/2)

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Last week, I offered a brief retrospective on the Sega Saturn.  A much maligned bit of hardware, it nevertheless had its fair share of great games. It’s these we look at today, alongside what not to get and what will leave you scratching your head in mild confusion (or appreciation at unexpected innovations).

A tough category to pick out only a small handful of titles. The Saturn is most famous for 2D shmups and beat em ups, but there are notable inclusions in other genres too.  Affordability is an important factor here, so Radiant Silvergun and Panzer Dragoon Saga, which both sell at over 20,000 Yen, can be covered by more hardcore collectors. 

Did you know, its not actually made of silver? Traders and shops dont, given the price.
Did you know, it’s not actually made of silver? Traders and shops don’t, given the price.

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The Island of Lost Games No.1- Sega Saturn

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Once upon a time, Sega released a console that didn’t really catch on at retail thanks to more powerful opposition, and was hamstrung by poor promotion and management choices. The machine, however, would have the most rabid fans of any games console, rallying to its defense at any opportunity and championing its catalogue of underrated titles.

That console was the Dreamcast, and won’t be covered today.  The Saturn, however, is something I consider more deserving of  ‘championing the underdogs’ status. Continue reading

Japanese release schedule- February ’09

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Courtesy of the good people at


February 12th

Street Fighter 4

It was too early to tease the cast about Street Fighter the Movie

It was too early to tease the cast about Street Fighter the Movie

Skate 2

February 19th

Nobi Nobi Boy (PSN)

Sonic World Adventure (a.k.a. Sonic Unleashed)

February 26th

Tom Clancy’s Endwar

Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (a.k.a Yakuza 3)

NBA Live 08 (EA Best Hits)


XBox 360

February 12th

Street Fighter 4

Skate 2

February 17th

GTA 4- The Lost and the Damned (DLC)

February 19th

Star Ocean 4- The Last Hope

Shooting Love. 200X

Much Like the Bushwackers at Wrestlemania X7, itll likely take longer for you to load up the game than it will for you to die in it.

Much Like the Bushwackers at Wrestlemania X7, it'll likely take longer for you to load up the game than it will for you to die in it.

怒首領蜂 大往生 ブラックレーベル (can someone give a decent translation for that?)

Sonic World Adventure (a.k.a Sonic Unleashed)

February 26th

Halo Wars

Halo Wars Limited Edition pack

Chaos Head Noah

Chaos Head Noah Special ed.

Samurai 3 (a.k.a Way of the Samurai 3)

Battlefield Bad Company (Platinum)

Halo 3 (Platinum)

Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 (Platinum)


February 12th

Skate It

February 17th

Fun! Fun! Minigolf (WiiWare)

February 19th

Dead Rising

Wii de asobu- Metroid Prime

Sim Animal

February 26th

High School Musical DANCE!

One Piece Unlimited Adventure 2

Medal of Honour Heroes 2 (EA Best Hits)


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Making up words in foreign languages rules.

My name’s Chris, or Reasonjp on this corner of the interwebs. I’m here today to mainly talk about retrogaming.

Retrogaming is a weird turn of phrase peculiar to video games as a medium. Putting, I don’t know, a Bach CD on is never considered ‘retrolistening’ (Maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd on an 8 track is, but I digress). Today’s Hollywood productions are a far cry visually from black and white movies, but Casablanca isn’t ‘retroviewing’. For much of my youth, what most were starting to consider ‘retrogaming’ was what I thought to be simply ‘gaming’.

This is mainly due to tight parental decisions denying my brother and I the Playstations that formed a large part of our teenage peers’ lives and restricting us to our 1988 Amiga 500 (with one whole megabyte of RAM, people). So while the other kids at school were playing this:

WipEout. Its odd approach to capitalization leads it to be fondly called 'wippyoot'.

We were playing this

Good ol Sensi. On Live, its just not quite the same.

Good ol' Sensi. On Live, it's just not quite the same.

and absolutely loving it, even in the Great Amiga Disaster of 1996, when the CRT on the monitor we used went kaput so it would only display games in urine yellow, and we had long since lost the widget that let you plug the machine into the TV’s RF output. 

Of course, eventually, I got an N64, and was blown away by it,and would become somewhat of a graphics whore in the days to come. In the early part of the current decade, I was that rarest of things, a teetotal university student. That student loan- all that ‘free’ money- had to go somewhere; and on games it went, with all the latest shiny toys finding their way to the shack I shared with like minded (but drunker) geeks. My formative years, though, had  made me come to appreciate value for money from my hobby. That lead to something I still have a penchant for today- buying old machines and a truckload of games on the cheap. Not having been a console kid growing up, it was a way for me to catch up on what I’d missed, without having rose tinted specs of nostalgia on.

So I’m different from other ‘retrogamers’. I don’t own Radiant Silvergun, and don’t want it. I’m not going to tell you that Sensi  is better than Winning Eleven and FIFA 09, that Pro Wrestling on the Famicom is better than Smackdown, or that Panzer Dragoon is better than Rez HD (oh, wait, that last one is true). But while a lot of us will be out getting Street Fighter 4 for 6000 yen next week, I just got me a Saturn with twenty or so games, ranging from pieces of  junk to icons that shaped the industry (including some of SF4‘s predecessors), for 4000. 

I’m not for shunning the new sexy numbers, but embracing the slightly older ones- left behind and perhaps starting to show their years- can be more fun, sometimes. Cheaper, almost certainly. You could learn a thing or two off them, too, despite how weird, even slightly embarassing it might feel at first (and how wrong that felt to type).  

So while I love the whizzbangery of the here and now, I’m also having fun with the gems of the past. And I’m not retrogaming when I do it, just gaming.

Gaming Survey from Penny Arcade Surprises

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By way of Kotaku, a survey from the good fellas at Penny Arcade offers some interesting insights into the gaming community. The most amazing part of the survey? Some 38,000 people responded! That’s a lot of people. Many surveys offered by regular news sites usually poll anywhere from 50 to 200 people. It’s also worth noting that the respondees are all of a particular group — that is to say, Penny Arcade afficianados. So while this survey doesn’t tell us much about gaming as a whole (as those who visit Penny Arcade are likely to lean towards the “hard” side of the core), it does give us insight into… well, people like us, I suppose.

The highlights from the survey:

Average Age: 26

Boy/Girl Split: 94% Boys, 6% Girls

Internet Usage:
– Cable/DSL: 84.7%
– LAN: 8.0%
– Fios: 3.0%
– WiMax: 0.7%
– 56k Modem: 0.5%
– Other: 3.1%

Average Number of Hours of TV Per Week: 6.1 Hours

Console Ownership:
– PC: 86.3%
– Xbox 360: 54.1%
– Wii: 53.5%
– PS2: 52.7%
– Nintendo DS: 51.5%
– iPhone/iPod: 29.9%
– XBOX: 26.2%
– PS3: 24.5%
– Sony PSP: 20.5%

Average Game Library Collection: 73

Average Gaming Hours/Week: 18

Average Household Income: $66,000

Average Games Purchased/Month: 2

Game Genres Played:
– RPGs: 89.7%
– FPS’: 79.0%
– Platformers: 63.3%
– RTS’: 59.9%
– Turn Based Strat: 56.0%
– Tabletop/CCG: 40.0%
– Simulations: 37.7%
– Web Based: 37.5%
– Driving/Racing: 31.4%
– 2D Fighters: 29.9%
– Shooters: 29.0%
– 3D Fighters: 28.0%
– Sports Games: 14.7%
– Flight Sims: 10.5%

Some things I found interesting: 1) It’s nice to know I’m the average age. 2) My game collection pales in comparison to the average. 3) The average hours spent gaming per week is three times the average hours of TV viewing.

How about you? Do you see yourself in these results?

Support Obama With Your DS

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Flick user juliusbulius support his new elected president and just in case you want to do it too, then you need to cut out the Shepard Fairey artwork from a Sticker Robot vinyl 4″ x 6 sticker and you`re ready to go on the road with Barrack Obama.