Name: Stephen  (Xbox 360 Editor)
Nationality: Panama
location: Kanagawa
Bio: Freelance photographer, occasional non-sense writer and impassioned cultural scavenger currently based in Kanagawa. He spends his money on video games, jiu-jitsu classes, cashew nuts and booze….delicious booze. He wants you to know he is from Panama, which is not located neither is part of South America.

Name: Rich  (PS3 & PSP Editor)
Nationality: USA
location: Tokushima
Bio: Some call me a Playstation Fanboy, and you know, they may be right. But I still have love for my Xbox 360. I’m also addicted to music games, as well as drumming. Enjoy the blog!

Name: Aym (Xbox 360 Editor)
Nationality: French
Location: Tokyo
Bio: Parisian in Tokyo since 2004, IT Engineer and technology freak.
I love Games, Computers, Electronic music and my motorbike. Started respectively on Amiga 500, (bis), Gala, and Jog.  I hate JRPG which aren’t on Megadrive/SNES and fanboys.

Name:  Chris (reasonjp)
Nationality: British
Location: Fujisawa, Kanagawa
Bio: English teacher by weekday, sometime pro wrestler by weekend. Been playing games for the last twenty years, in Japan for the last four. Will happily play anything that isn’t a JRPG. Or a MMORPG. Or anything else that ends in ‘peger’.


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