Want Cheap Video Games? Korea got you cover

Ever wondered how is the video game market in other places beside  US, Japan or European countries? What about Korea?  We know they have TV shows dedicated to Starcraft but what about Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii?.

Now, let`s get together around the fire kids, time for bedtime stories.

The Korean peninsula was under Japanese colonial rule from 1910 and it wasn’t until Japan’s defeat in World War II that Korea emerged as an independent nation. The colonization of Korea by Japan left some pretty deep seated animosity and there was a ban in Korea on what we consider now as staple items: Japanese music, movies, manga and even video games consoles.

The ban was only lifted in 1998, and as a result, a whole generation grew up so near to Japan but yet uninfluenced by the likes of SEGA, Nintendo and Sony. Instead, they turn to PC gaming, creating world class players who not only excel in games like Starcraft and Warcraft, but also are celebrities in their own right, rivalling pop stars such as Rain and BoA.

With not much rep to build on and a nation preoccupied with PCs and PC bangs (Internet Cafes), it’s no wonder that console gaming is pretty sluggish in Korea. And while the big two (Microsoft and Sony) are releasing Korean editions of current gen-titles, what’s a retailer to do when there’s no one buying the titles? Why, put them in the bargain bin, of course!

There are online stores where you can get ENGLISH language console titles released for the Korean market sitting in their bargain-bin section.

So, if you are a price conscious gamer who doesn’t mind some foreign looking words on your video game covers, it’s probably time you check out the Korean aisle.


2 Responses to “Want Cheap Video Games? Korea got you cover”

  1. The Clandestine Samurai Says:

    That was actually pretty enlightening. I knew about China and Southeast Asia, but I didn’t know that Japan had taken over Korea too. A T.V. show dedicated to Starcraft?? That’s pretty deep. I wonder if Counter-Strike is still played over there. And here for that matter.

  2. The history of how PC gaming became so popular in Korea is really interesting and fascinating. Something I was never made aware of during my childhood.

    Im a fan of BOA. There is a some by VErbal and BOA which I really like. If only I could remember the name of the track….

    Bargin shopping became such a popular thing to do that for a certain period of time Sony actually stopped shipping new PS3s to south korea. I should have gone and done it my self. Exchange rate has since then even out a bit more though.

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