Inevitable Street Fighter Love in; SFIV Impressions

The devil, they say, is in the details. Seeing how videogames have evolved so far, and how they remain in our collective consciousness, I’m intrigued as to whether the youth of today will remember the Halo theme, or be able to remember how to build a fancy Little Big Planet robot twenty years from now, in the same way those of us who grew up with games in the eighties and nineties can still remember the warp locations in Super Mario, or the intro jingle to Pac Man.

Or a simple quarter circle towards and punch. A player’s first triumphant Hadoken using Ryu (a name we’d all butcher at the time, much as we would with Raiden in Mortal Kombat, or with game names like Ninja Gaiden, making it seem like quite the fruity hangout) is a great gaming moment that stays in the memory for good. Especially for me, as it was one of the easier moves to pull off in the Amiga version I had, which took the arcade game, squished it into letterbox format, made it move l-i-k-e t-h-i-s and crammed the six button moveset onto a one button joystick- a task made all the taller by the developers having to go down the local arcade and take notes to develop the game since US Gold were given no technical support from Capcom. No wonder the Amiga version was dire.

To this day I blame my crapness at Street Fighter on the fact that I wasn’t a console kid growing up. In all honesty, and this may surprise given the title of this piece, I really haven’t spent all that much time with Street Fighter over the years. I’ve dipped into the Zero series and had the odd go at Marvel vs Street Fighter, but am no expert. I can barely wrangle my way through a super combo. Xism Yism and Zism are gibberish to me.

But what I love about Street Fighter is that level of depth that’s available to you, should you choose to take it up. Want to jump around with little strategy, using the handful of moves you can remember? Fine, you can play through arcade on easy, or play with like minded friends and have a ball. Those who probe a little deeper though, are rewarded greatly with the pyrotechnics that only SF can truly pull off, and seeing a master of the game at play is infinitely more of an impressive acheivement to me than someone memorising the bullet patterns of Ikaruga, or shredding Dragonforce in Guitar Hero. No game encapsulates the ‘easy to pick up, difficult to master’ axiom better than Street Fighter.

Of course, as mentioned, I’m no master. Dabbling in Street Fighter IV’s online matches for a couple of hours, I almost won one round. I had immense fun while playing though. The challenge modes are a fantastic addition too, gently nudging you to learn how to play the game how Capcom intends it, helping you learn the focus attacks and juggles gradually, and always being accessible to the point where writing about it now, I’m finding it hard to resist the tewmptation to put it in and have another go (instead of trying once more to get into Killzone 2, which isn’t doing it for me right now).

Expect a fuller (and apologetically belated)  review of SFIV later in the week. Hopefully by then I’ll have won a match online. Quarter circle, punch, quarter circle, punch..


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