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Nintendo wants you to play DS games…Legally.

Posted in Japan, News, Nintendo, Nintendo DS on February 22, 2009 by Stephen

Piracy has always been a big issue for Nintendo DS developers. Since the arrival of flash cards into the market, its now pretty easy for “Fans” to get copies of their favorite games days and even weeks ahead of the release schedule.

This has not come unnoticed by certain developers like Square Enix. Back in 2007, the Japanese RPG powerhouse released Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. Hackers needed just a few hours to crack the original game and make it available via different torrent sites but after play the game for 20 minutes or so: the message “Thank you for playing!!” appears on the screen and players are unable to progress. However, they can restart from the last check point but the message will appear again, at random intervals. Continue reading


Noby Noby Boy Review

Posted in PS3 with tags , , , , , , on February 21, 2009 by reasonjp

One of the reasons I’ve been playing a lot of older games of late is that right now we’re in that late winter/ early spring dearth of originality in gaming. After the novelty of Little Big Planet wore off, and all the games of last Christmas were played through, we’ve been left now with Capcom’s big sequels in SF4 and Biohazard 5 alongside the usual muddy brown and grey shooters from the west and music games involving “producing” young girls and paying through the nose for DLC from Japan. (sorry Atalantegg).  The last couple of weeks however have seen a couple of unique titles being released on PSN at the low low price of 800 Yen, in Flower and now this.

Noby Noby Boy is the work of Keita Takahashi, he of Katamari Damacy fame. If you’ve not played Katamari Damacy, go out and get it right now. It’s all right, I’ll wait. Continue reading

The Good, The Bad and The… は?!Saturn Edition (2/2)

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After looking at the system itself, as well as the pick of its software crop over the last couple of weeks, it’s time to bring Gaijin Gamer’s look at the Sega Saturn to an end. Last being least, what we have here are some of the stranger titles on the console, but first, the worst..


NFL Quarterback Club ’96 (and various other mid 90s sports games) (Acclaim [1995] availability: fairly common Price: around 50 Yen)

As has previously been noted, it was difficult for third party content providers to get a foothold on the Saturn platform. Dismal management and communication from Sega in the west and a notoriously hard system to develop for gave many software houses a hard time. Still, some softcos believed that Sega’s name power would ensure the Saturn victory in the console war. Among them was Iguana, with their owners, Acclaim, being famed at the time for farming out their franchises to as many different platforms as possible. While Iguana would become famous for producing technical marvels on the N64, this Saturn effort is nothing approaching marvellous.

With the dawn of the 32 bit generation came a trend for sports games to have 3D graphics. It seems however, that Iguana didn’t have a functional 3D engine working at the time of QBC’s release, which lead to the halfway house option of garish 2D sprites on a 3D plane, the end result looking somewhat like Madden meets the Atari 2600.

Graphics that were a long way short of the ‘next gen’ (at the time) mark weren’t the only problems. Perhaps it’s just my ineptness but the perspective makes passing plays next to impossible, even on the easiest setting. Also, it seems the game is intent on doing prodigious amounts of shouting at you, the player, it’s CD audio being used for referees yelling ‘PENALTY’ and quarterbacks saying the same sequence of numbers and ‘hut hut’ that they had in games for years, but, LOUDER. MUCH LOUDER. Even the menus shouted so loudly the main menu only has room for two options- SIMULATE and PLAY- in giant 80 point text.

The quarterback instructed his team mates not to turn sideways lest he be unable to see them to pass the ball.

The quarterback instructed his team mates not to turn sideways lest he be unable to see them to pass the ball.


  Continue reading

iDOLM@STER SP first catalog DLC announced

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With the much anticipated iDOLM@STER SP launching tomorrow, Namco is prepared to offer a launch DLC catalog. It will be interesting to see if the PSP DLC will be as well accepted as the 360 DLC. The pricing for items is similar.

On another note, stores all around the nation have prepared themselves for the launch.


We can expect sales of the game to be quite high!


Even train stations are in on the hype!

OneChanbara brutally bombs overseas.

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We could not care less about the release of OneChanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad and OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers fro Xbox 360 and Wii. In fact, we will love to believe that neither do you but for those fans of the PS2 simple series looking forward to mindless zombie killing in bikini using samurai swords (repeat that 3x), here are the reviews and scores from Metacritic. Continue reading

Japan’s Top 100 Sellers Revealed

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Konami’s long-awaited Metal Gear 4 title had amassed sales of 686,254 last year; 476,334 in its first week alone. The game is cited as the PS3’s top seller as part of a wider list of the 100 top-selling games of last year.

Sadly to fans and perhaps a sign of how the industry has changed, Metal Gear Solid 4 ranks in at eleventh. Ahead of it are nine games for Nintendo consoles, with Wii Sports (non bundled in Japan) sitting in tenth, Animal Crossing City Folk in eighth, Rhythm Tengoku Gold in six, and Mario Kart Wii in fourth.

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Flowery Review

Posted in PS3 with tags , , , on February 17, 2009 by reasonjp

OK, first things first. The decision to rename Flower as Flowery here in Japan is the most ridiculous piece of unnecessary ‘localisation’ known to man. The extra syllable can’t make the title any easier to say, and it’s difficult to think of any reason why SCEJ thought a game called ‘flowery’ would sell better than ‘flower’. To me ‘flower like’ seems like an nonsensical adjective as well, so when approaching this game I was thinking less about electronic entertainment and more about bread products. But I digress.

Silly habit, I know, but I like to dye cress. I do it simply to expedite a weak pun. But I digress. Continue reading