CHAOS;HEAD NOAH to receive Z rating.


It has been announced that the Xbox 360 videogame, “CHAOS;HEAD NOAH” will receive the Z rating in Japan, making it required that the buyer be at least 18 years old.  (If you wish to see a list of Z-rated games in Japan, go to this site).

“CHAOS;HEAD NOAH” is an enhanced port of a PC visual novel (named “CHAOS;HEAD), which became somewhat popular within the market.  Various works have been produced off of it, include a manga and recent anime series.  The game is somewhat of a murder mystery, in which the main character (Takumi Nishijō) witnesses a grusome murder on the way back home for school.  More gruesome events happen, and Takumi must try to avoid being murdered while struggling to fight his delusions.  These delusions are a core part of the gameplay.

Usually visual novels are toned down when ported to a console, in order to receive a lower CERO rating.  It appears that CHAOS;HEAD NOAH will not be toned down, and may in fact be even more extreme considering that the PC version of the game had a minimum age of 15 for purchase.

Time will tell whether or not having a Z rating will hurt the game’s sales, but perhaps 5pb assumes that the fanbase is old enough to purchase the game and will appreciate a non-censored version.  Z titles have sold well enough on the 360 in the past, which would assume that most of the system owners are over 18.


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