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Bethesda Anger Fans with New Armor

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Bethesda is releasing any time soon the first Fallout 3 DLC pack about  “Operation Anchorage” where players will get the chance to help U.S. soldiers battle the Chinese forces in Alaska in the days previous to the Great War.

Between the promotional pictures, The new “Hei Gui Stealth suit” worn by Chinese forces had caught a lot of unwanted attention and heated discussion between fans of the series.

The biggest debate? The armor looks too modern and out of place with the setting established in the Fallout universe.

Fallout is set in an alternate timeline that diverged from ours in the 1950`. In the 21st century, it looked like the future as imagined in the 1950s pulp science fiction.

Computers with artificial intelligence and monochromatic terminals, robotic servants, a pseudo-utopian society based on 1950s values, black and white TV, music from the 1950s considered all-time classics, and most modern musical genres never appearing. Weapon development was also different from ours so plasma and laser weaponry was introduced, The modern high-tech weapons and technology were never created – instead, weapons and technology based on how people in the 1950s thought 21st century weaponry would look like are used.

Those against the armor think it looks like something wear by Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe or another beloved Snake from Metal Gear Solid but not something based on science fiction from 1950.

Those in favor defend Bethesda decision based on the fact this is completely new ground for the Fallout universe because this has never been addressed before. We know nothing of how the Chinese would design their suits (both functionally or stylistically). We do know that they retained some of the 1950’s culture, as evidenced by the type of clothing they wear in Fallout 3. Apart from that, Bethesda is free to make up anything they want. Their design doesn’t break any styles or themes because there aren’t any.

So, what do you think?


More Friends

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More Friends on Xbox 360

Heard from someone who heard it from someone working at Joystiq, who heard it from someone at Microsoft (phew): The Friend List is gonna get bigger (currently limited at 100). No date yet announced, nothing more than what should have been already included in November’s update, especially considering the Live recently reached the 17 Millions of subscribers.

You’re LATE Microsoft !